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This is clearly another newspost...

SpANG at 5:31AM, Oct. 30, 2007

Wasssup, Duckers! As a reminder, skoolmunkee is off for a few weeks and Black Kitty is a little busy with her moving and school. So, please keep sending your news to ozoneocean and me, SpANG, for now. Thanks!

Here are some milestones and other news in the world of Drunk Duck!

Nerfherder tells us that Geeks the Comic Strip hits it's 75th strip this Thursday. Congrats!

Brock informs us of the following coolness…

Two big things going down next week in SuperFogeys land. To wit:

1. The SuperFogeys hits the big 75. Big, super-cool stuff happening in the strip right now as we're in the middle of Chapter 3, “The Techno Shuffle” and the Fogeys are logging on and creating their very own “WebSpace” pages and exploring the pages of others. Which brings me to…

2. A CONTEST! If you go to the SuperFogeys right now, you'll see that I'm doing mock MySpace pages for each of the characters. In addition to characters that we've already met, I also plan on introducing a few new ones this way. That's where everyone else comes in. I'm now accepting reader submissions for a new character to be featured on their very own “WebSpace” page and in the SuperFogeys strip itself. Winner will get full credit and the original art I create based on their submission mailed to them. Full details and submission criteria in this week's strip notes.

As of the 29th of October, Ba Ba will have updated over 200 times! Cool!
This marks the end of the first ‘season’ of Ba Ba, and the new season (hopefully to feature a long-awaited ‘storyline’) will not begin for some time - Makhnovista is living the good life with a rock band, Endlessbouncing is going to seek his fortune on the high seas (… of computer game design courses at university), and leaving everything to our guest artist profcorron seemed unfair. Enjoy the archives and see you in the new year!

oachambers wants to let us know that the fantasy comic World of Orenda turns 100 this Friday! Also check out the dark comedy called Weirdlings which just passed 75! Great job!

ShadowDion's comic, Flying Under the Influence, is going to hit 50 on Wednesday, October 31st! Excellent!

Rutger also let us know that Arthur, King turns 25 on the 31st of October! Huzzah!

And finally, carly_mizzou is re-mixing an entire comic! One of Fern's comics! The details are posted in N&C Forums - HERE. The comic can be found HERE and it will update M,W,F until it's done!

Quack ya later!



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