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For those about to rock

skoolmunkee at 2:14AM, Sept. 4, 2007

I salute you! Because I'm about to go to work. And rocking is more fun than working.

Well it's been only a couple of days, so of course I have a very full PQ box with lots of news!

Rina_ran is having a contest!

I'm holding a contest for my comic Within Shadows to celebrate the end of book I and my soon leave for the Navy. The entries will help my comic not stay idle for the 9-23 weeks I know I won't be able to update it. 1st place is to design your own Tshirt and have it mailed to you. 2nd and 3rd can request artwork from me. More informaton can be found here.

mlai's FIGHT! has reached 25 pages!

Stickman and Cube from Pieguy 259 is at 25 pages!

Also at 25 pages is DAJB's Shades!

oachambers's Weirdlings, a ‘Lovecraftian inspired romantic comedy’ will be 50 in just a few days!

Unilingual by enthusiastic and happy DDer unilingual has reached 50 pages!

insanelysane says that To Be Loved is 50 pages old!

Tera Forming by I Heart Artists is 100 pages old!

Also at 100 pages is JustNoPoint's The Devon Legacy Prologue, and he says he will be starting Issue 3 within the week!

marumarumaru's The Random Adventures of Maru is 2 years old!

scarybug's Nerdcore: The Core Wars not only turned 150 last week, but now it's also 3 years old!

And a big one here from simonitro:
Well, I would like to announce that my comic, Billy Learns To Rock, became 200 pages long and there's a cameo art that I did for the special page including characters from:

- Pinky TA
- Unchained
- DRAQONIA escape of myth
- The Planet Closest To Heaven

I also would like to announce that I will start working on the first volume of Billy Learns To Rock to make it a printed book! There will be tons of editing like re-drawing different panels… new covers… etc… I'll start working next month on the big project!



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