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skoolmunkee at 4:04AM, April 2, 2008

First of all, sorry there's not a featured comic today- I forgot to queue one up last night and now I have to wait for the next ‘turnover’ so that will be Thursday. :[ sorry sorry!


Drunk Duck Creator Interviews Extravaganza continues! (If you dunno what that is, click here

Today's interview is of Vakanai of Rumbles, conducted by JustNoPoint of The Devon Legacy!

What all inspired your character's designs and personalities?

Well, I couldn't draw hands or a neck well in Paint, so I gave him his red, turtleneck sweater to sort of make him workable. I gave him glasses and a goatee because I have glasses and a goatee. And yes, he has a small beard even as a stick figure. If you look you'll see it.
As for personality, he's basically me, only blown out of proportion. He's an attention craver of the highest order and he suffers from extreme boredom, so his habit of doing and saying whatever comes to mind is a way to attract attention to himself and combat said boredom. Much like me.

Read the rest of the interview in its thread in the Interviews forum!

Don't forget Monday's newspost too!



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