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DD_Management at 12:22AM, April 10, 2008

Today's featured comic is Tomb of the King!
Zair has been set a mysterious and difficult mission by his lord. The trek is made more difficult by Lexus, the naive scholar Zair must take with him to translate the ancient language that will guide them. While lost in the forest, Zair recruits the reluctant help of Allyn, a beautiful ranger. However there is danger in the forest and they don't know where their adventure will lead… Tomb of the King is being reposted from the beginning, so it's the perfect time to pick it up!

Read Tomb of the King[/url

On a related note, we are trying to go back to 3 a week (M-W-F) but the queued comics aren't posting up on Wednesdays so we might still be at 2 a week until it gets changed. :) Please be patient!

Another new creator interview is up! This time, Bocaj interviews TheMidge28!

Who is your biggest artistic inspiration?

Now there is a common misconception that Frank Miller is my biggest inspiration because my comic has that stark graphic black and white pulp noir feel with an addition of red or some other color, but that isn't the case. Yeah it looks similar to his work in that both of our art is black and white and have one additional color, but that's where the similarities end. My biggest artistic inspiration is actually not in comics but in film. Akira Kurosawa. His body of work is amazing. Yojimbo was by far my favorite. His earlier films in black and white with their shadows and well placed lighting created an atmosphere which was like a character in the story all its own. One film Stray Dog, stands out in mind particularly.
Read the rest in its forum thread - don't forget there are about 8 more up there you can read from the past week or two, also!

Lastly, don't miss yesterday's newspost - it has some cool community announcements and stuff!



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