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skoolmunkee at 3:28PM, April 11, 2008

OK guys, the last of the community interviews has been posted! Sorry it's up a bit late today, my internet wasn't working until a few minutes ago. :)

Today's interview is of Rutger (Arthur King, Life as Told by Rutger, and Sketching Reality), and conducted by Vakanai (Rumbles, Rumbles Late Night)!

Which comic style, sprite or non-sprite, do you prefer?

I prefer non-sprite, mainly because you can do whatever you want with the characters. Spriting is fast and easy to do, but the characters are always in the same position. It gives for a nice challenge, because you have to make them look like they're doing whatever it is in the comic, but if you need a completely different position, you'd either have to create a sprite from scratch or heavily alter the ones you've got. With ‘normal’ art, you can just draw your character any way you want.
Read the rest of this interview in its thread, or visit the forum to read the previous 9!


harleydane999 tells me that Necrolupus has just gone past the 50-page milestone! Yay!

Zorphbert and Fred by dgriff13 is hitting #150! Don't forget to swing by, word is there's something special!



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