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A whole uh... structure? of milestones!

skoolmunkee at 2:42AM, Aug. 11, 2008

On Friday (8-8-08), Project ADAM by The Mortician reached its two-year anniversary! (Can comics get married?) As kind of a bonus, Arc 1 of the comic is over, marking 1/4 of the whole thing!

jagris tells me that his comic Project: Demonhunter hit 25 pages on Sunday!

Also on Sunday, Senretsu Gaiden by Senretsu has hit its 200th update!

Smiling Platypus says,

Smiling Platypus
Asteroid of Doom, a StarTrek parody, today hit 100 pages. That’s almost 300 individually taken photos, each one edited for composition and dialogue. The story involves a search for identity, a search for understanding, and a search for a missing brain. Its Part adventure, part humor (subtle and otherwise) – and includes some pretty bizarre characters and images.
Guys it is made with Star Trek toys!

And today (Monday), Walrus's WWE The Comic has brawled its 25th page!

royduncan100 has got two milestones!
The Maniac Chainsaw Wielding Duckbilled Platypus has hit 25 pages, and “the big blood bath arc has started”! (Bring a towel?)
The Villain Next Door has reached 75 pages! Roy also wants to say, “Argon is BACK. It's hard to keep a bad villain down. The campaign to save Argon was a success- the response was overwhelming to save him!” You got to love comic fans :)

and trevoramueller has also got two comics with milestones!
Both The Temple of a Thousand Tears and @$$hole! turn 125 on Monday!

The Temple of a Thousand Tears is currently on it's first prequel, The Legend of Abraham, following the exploits of a little boy whose actions formed the most powerful religion on the planet, and who changed the world forever. Story and script by Trevor Mueller, artwork by the very talented Olivia Kasle.

@$$hole! is undergoing a slight format change with a photo comic story, staring the comic's creator / writer / artist, TrevorAMueller! Trevor's cat is annoying the hell out of him, so he must take her to the vet to get fixed…but what kind of vet has he taken her to? Find out!/quote]



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