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Saturday is milestone day!

skoolmunkee at 11:55AM, Aug. 16, 2008

Today we have several comics reaching 50 pages- congrats to you guys!

Off Hours, a DD community project, is one of those reaching 50 pages- and is only 11 pages away from chapter 1's conclusion! Everyone participating in this project has done a great job, it's a feat of organization and dedication!

National Dex (an adorable hand-drawn pokemon comic) by lucky7s76 is also turning 50! 50 pages is a lot of work, so be proud of yourself :)

Rori's Because of Ivan also hits 50, and she has this to add:

It's a sketchy diary comic, which I ask that people not comment on (so everyone feels like their reading it first, weird, I know), but I still feel really proud that I've stuck with it. I dunno, it's like getting to read my diary without breaking into my house. Good thing, right? ;)

I dunno, if you like breaking into houses, it could be a bad thing…

And at a whopping 350 we have I Fell Down the Stairs, I think 350 is a number that many of us can only hope to achieve. :) (Also, ifelldownthestairs says that nominated for a DD award was awesome! I will add that it is nominated for “Most deliciously offensive comic” which I'm pretty sure is a good advertising point. :)



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