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THREE milestones today!

skoolmunkee at 12:41AM, Aug. 18, 2008

First up we've got Mr V:

Mr V
I've just finished uploading the 150th School Spirit strip to Drunk Duck. I've been adding them in storyline bunches once or twice a week so anybody who wanders into it can read a little, then get a bit more later on until the whole archive's up.

The WHOLE archive on the main site is at 605 at the moment, but I'm trying to do it in steps so I don't scare anybody off with a monster archive first up.

Sounds like a plan, monsters are scary. Usually.

And something from albone:
Monday's update of Rival Angels marks the 100th page in the series. What makes this page extra special is that main character, Sabrina ‘Ultragirl’ Mancini is in the middle of exorcising her past failures against someone that has gone out of their way to make Sabrina's life miserable.

Let's hope that payback involves an elbow in the kidneys or something! (Probably not a legal move but who cares?)

magickmaker hit his 400th comic magick today! On his 19th Birthday no less! Congrats!



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