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It's Tuesday, do you know where your weekend is?

skoolmunkee at 2:19AM, Dec. 16, 2008

Go a Viking: The Sword of Kings reached 100 pages on Monday, with the beginning of Book 2! Bravo1102 tells me that it updates with two pages every Monday and Thursday because ‘it’s a long story so gotta keep it going'!

Also on Monday, worstcase reached 125 Faults! (Pages, that is)

Today, The Uncanny Uper Dave by Bittenbymonk reaches the 200 page mark!

shanronzio's CROSS WORLDS NEXXUS will reach an amazing 900 pages on the 17th!

Zos Kias by Kojika reaches 250 pages this week! (Technically it's 252, but we can say 250 right?)

And moverfield has a big one…


I wanted to submit three milestones for my three drunkduck titles; Furious Infectus @ 25 pgs, Devil Dog and Gun God @ 25 pgs, and Akshun Junkee Comix reaches 50 pgs in a week or so. I'm very proud to have three titles going at once (I also have a fourth, Super Pro Ultimate Wrestling at smackjeeves). Has anyone else had 3-4 current, never missing an update webcomics all run at once? Maybe it's a world record? ;P
You might be throwing down the gauntlet there, moverfield. :)



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