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My cooker is broken! :[

skoolmunkee at 12:24PM, Feb. 4, 2008

How are you? Good? That's good. Good!

OK guys, I'll tell you something: I've been naughty. I've had lots of PQs for newsposts for a while now and been too lazy to make the newspost. I know, I'm a disappointment to us all. :[ So, let's get to it, shall we? I promise to get to the point!

The nominations for the Web Comics Choice Awards are out, and there's a couple of Drunk Duckers on there! Namely The Dreamer by comic_chic, and Templar Arizona by Spike! If you're a webcomic creator, you can register on their site to vote- so why not support your co-ducks, eh?

There's a new webcomic collective out there on the internet, and its members include a number of DD favorites including the creators of Try Everything Once, Galactic Hub Serreven, and Horribleville! Check out The Scienteers because there's a bunch of neat things happening on their site, and there's opportunities for other comic creators to get involved and promote themselves too! (Also I'll be copying all DD news over to them, hope that's okay with y'all.)

RDraconis is having a contest for More to Life which would be perfect for folks who like clothes and character designs - more details here!

Cake for those who turn 25, namely Organization Infinite by flapjack1995; Legend of Zelda Hyrule is Screwed by zaneeba_slave; Chuck Norris Against the World by Eduds; BLNT: Synchronicity (a prequel to the original BLNT) by blntmaker, featuring recaps and profiles!

Turning 100 are Pokemon Town by Poke Alster (and will be having dramatic changes); Cancerous AIDS by BreakElemental; Philly by Ryan McLelland, featuring a crossover with Rich Bernatovech's Sentinels!

At 75 is MAG-ISA by kyupol; and Shades by DAJB, featuring major masked-figure plot reveals!

Ultimate X by Frogman is 150 pages old!

Turning 175 is Grin-n-Spirit by ghostrunner!

At an amazing 200 pages is Fred Peterson The Mighty Warlord - Book 1 by LanceDanger; and The Lost Chapters of Megaman by Cryosis!

And finishing up (no more updates!) is the once-featured Commedia dell'Arte by Litindir, who has new projects on the way according to the creator comments…



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