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Oh the weather outside is frightful~

Black_Kitty at 8:57PM, Feb. 4, 2008

But the snow was definitely not delightful. :(

Anyhow, I'm slipping in with some PQs from my ever full PQ box! Let's begin with milestones shall we? Shall we? Yes we shall!

Timmy And The Bleach and Growth managed to put two and five together to form 25! (Pages that is~)

A belated happy 50th pages goes to Beyond Human! (Who, might I add, has nice art!)

Avatar of Fire meanwhile should have 75 pages posted by…yesterday. >.> Guess who else reached 75 pages?

Antcomics is fast approaching it's 75th milestone, and to celebrate I'm doing a cameoextravaganza! Starting with strip #72, and going through to #75, cameos of my faithful fans' characters will be appearing in the Ants' current story arc!

If you guessed FIGHT 2 or Basketcase then you are absolutely wrong! (But have nice taste~) Please read the above again because Antcomics is doing something super cool! …Oh. I kinda gave that away. >.>

Hey! 75 times 2 is 150 and if you minus 25 you get 125 which is the milestone that Warriors of the Night reached!

Now normally we don't announce chapters so that would mean I couldn't say that page 37 of Tales of the Traveling Gnome is the conclusion of chapter 1. However this is actually about Matt Summers and Michelle Mayo working together for three whole years! Holy partnership Batman! <3

And welcome back For God's Sake! Welcome back from your hiatus~ <3

Did you miss the opportunity to contribute to Fowl Play the first time around? Fear not! You can do one of two things:
1. Go buy a copy of Fowl Play!
2. Go contribute to the second issue of Fowl Play by PQing Aussie Kid

Finally we end our beloved night with one last piece of news from Will~

sIRC has reached 100th pages! <3

Will also want to stress to everyone that the #drunkduck chatroom is always welcoming people. Their goal has always been to get more people into the #drunkduck chatroom. There might have been some misunderstanding and banning due to misconduct so:

I just want to stress this: our ops are in no way banhappy, they enforce the rules to the best of their abilities, and are generally good natured and fun people. if you get banned, there is always a reason, first time bans are always temporary.



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