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Lots of random little news bits today!

skoolmunkee at 11:18AM, Feb. 8, 2008

First of all, an apology for not having a new featured comic up. Something about the new main page design isn't bringing up the comics we've put in, so… I suppose a new comic will be up as soon as it's fixed, or whenever we can pester Volte enough so he'll do it manually. :) Meanwhile, have you checked out the ones already featured?

Secondly, about the new main page design - there's a thread in the forums about it, so if you've something to say about it, you can do so there!

Thirdly, a bit of an oversight by me in my previous newspost - Crowfeathers is also on Drunk Duck, and is up for two WCCAs! Good luck to all DDers!

There's not a feed up on the main page right now for The Gigcast, but just so you guys know, our very own SuperFogeys have been interviewed on Feb 7th, and on Feb 1 they interviewed Amelius of Charby the Vampirate and her husband, Evil Emperor Nick ofa bunch of stuff! You can catch both of them on the Gigcast's page!

Also, NightGig is putting out a book!

Seelinkrun11's comic Mystery World has reached 100 pages! Congratulations!

MOSAIC by SomaX turned 1 year old today!

Chernobog's comic Schizophrenia Bloom has reached 50 pages!

Mr Mustard Seed
Nothing like crossing a milestone to help work up a thirst. Twenty-five postings ago the comic strip TWITCH! began taking shape on Twonks & Plonkers. Hoist a pint of your favorite brew as you follow the adventures of Goffer, Albie A. Mann, Munch, and Mr. Tally while they turn and burn their way through new laughs on their way to #50 and beyond.



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