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I'm here, the news is here, over hiding under this bar!

skoolmunkee at 9:49AM, Feb. 14, 2008

Keith McCleary has a big announcement! His comic Killing Tree Quarterly is being published by Terminal Press, and will debut at the NY Comic Con (April 18-20). Congrats!

Also, the book Debbie Does Dallas (it has zombies) which Keith helped color is on sale at the Terminal Press Website. Buying a copy of either book will add pennies to his pocket!

Abt_Nihil is so happy that his comic A.D. 1997 has completed its first 5 episodes (about 110 pages) that he's having a contest. Winners will get comics! Want more details? Best of all, it doesn't require art!

Times Like This by PyThomas has reached 50 pages! Congrats!

Janen's Per Ardua has also reached 50 pages, and is having an update in color to celebrate!

You know the comic Caggage, don't you? Sure you do! Well, its 100th strip has arrived, but it's 4 pages long and will be posted throughout the week! Lots of people have been waiting for this particular accomplishment so check it out!

poinko would like to say that A: he has no life, and B: Lancaster the Ghost Detective will reach 700 pages next week! My what a big number you have…

Faults by worstcase has hit its 75th page milestone!

omegasonic0's comic Sonic Meets Megaman has reached 25 pages! That's 25 actual pages, if you want to count 25 story pages, that will happen next week! So congrats to that too!

The Devon Legacy has reached 175 pages! Whee! JustNoPoint tells me that “now is the perfect time for people to start tuning in” as the prologue is about to reach its finale! (A 175 pages prologue? sounds epic, daaang)



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