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Hello! I am knitting!

skoolmunkee at 12:19PM, Feb. 18, 2008

Well, not this second. My hands can only do a couple things at a time.

New stuff going on in the Networking and Community forum! SkylerVane has started a group of ‘On Demand’ threads where people can advertise their services and basically get on a list of talented people who are willing to do stuff. For example, someone who is looking to write sci-fi stories can put themselves on the Writers on Demand list, and then if an artist comes along and wants someone to write a sci-fi story for them… tada! These aren't Help Wanted threads though- these are the threads where the Help Wanted people should check first. :) So, there's Writers On Demand, Artists on Demand, Audio On Demand, and there will shortly be a ‘Miscellaneous On Demand’! Check them out and sign up if you're willing to help out! These aren't just for comics either- it can be for any creative project!

sukaiyume's Light has recently reached 200 pages! Congrats, that's a huge accomplishment!

Man-Boys! My favorite kind of boys! Has reached 50 comics! It's by Ed Comics!

ifelldownthestairs's I Fell Down The Stairs is I fell down the stairs 250 comics old I fell down the stairs! (If you were 250 wouldn't you fall down the stairs?)

Keyguard Active by goodolwt will reach 400 pages on Tuesday! Congrats!

Darth Mongoose's FanDanGo is at 100 pages!

Sadly, within the next few weeks the comic Knight Me by jissai will be ending. :[ Now's your chance to read it before it's over!

Rusty Knight tells me that The Election for Mayor of The City (it was a contest) is over! The mayor has just been announced on the comic which means you can see the results by visiting Soda Bread! He'd also like to thank ShutupDangit, Pit_Face, Lemon_King, Vakanai, Bocaj, and Locoma for their participation!

Star Cross'd Destiny's first chapter is now available for FREE download here on WOWIO where you can see it in awesome full color goodness along with brand-spankin' new content!



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