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A special plea from skoolmunkee!

skoolmunkee at 4:50PM, Feb. 23, 2008

OK guys, I'm going to reveal a secret here. A BIG one.

The average number of clicks a featured comic can expect to get (if it has a good thumbnail and blurb) is about 7,000 views its first day of being featured. In a few notable instances (recently, Plastic and Get Up and Go) they've broken the 15,000 mark.

Of course those numbers decrease a LOT as time goes on, that's natural (a comic is lucky to retain 5-10% of that initial burst). But that enormous boost is exactly what we do featuring for- we want people to look at something good we've found so they can help get the audience they deserve.

I know a lot of people aren't happy with the changes to the main page. But the featured comics are suffering for it. Since the change a few weeks ago, the average incoming number is only 2000. That's pathetic, guys. These comics are AWESOME and I can tell you there are more awesome ones lined up because I'm the one loading them up like, five minutes ago. They deserve much more than a measly third (less than that really) of average.

So, even if you hate the main page, or whatever, PLEASE check out these well-deserving, recently-featured comics!

Templar, Arizona: Ben has recently moved to Templar, Arizona. It's an unusual town filled with unusual people, including Reagan - a big, brash pottymouth who probably knows everything in the world. While Ben tries to quietly settle in, Reagan takes it upon herself to be his friend and show him the ropes, as well as banish some of his shyness and naivite.

Off Hours: What if DD webcomics were tv shows, and its characters (or rather, the people who play them) were celebrities? This community project aims to find out! A myriad of ‘actors’ are invited to a mountain resort to get away from the stress and demands of playing their DD roles. Now they have to get some kind of break from each other!

Dreams of Stone: This unusal and somewhat abstract comic follows the dream of a sleeping stone… or is some of it not a dream? The page-by-page progression of events is certainly dreamlike, describing a continuing chain of actions which build upon each other (with quite a few visual symbolisms to boot). A black dog, a white figure, and a letter…

Erol Intangibles: In the abandoned ruins of a stony castle, high in the mountains, a young shepherd honors his dead parents. His world is at the end of an era. Things are not completely quiet however - he is interrupted by a battle between a barefoot knight and an enormous warrior. A professional-level fantasy comic with tons of atmosphere!

Bruised Oranges: A pharmacist is run over by a tram and ‘repaired’ by a couple of kind-hearted, experiment-minded hicks. Okay, maybe they aren't hicks, but they're freckled and they have the accent. Abigail takes a very forward fancy to the pharmacist, who doesn't protest too much, but her brother Earl doesn't approve… Rated M!

And adding Monday's feature, Aurora of the high Seas
In a world connected to Earth through the stars, Aurora cuts an imposing figure, not only for her size but for her beauty and self-possession. As a slaver ship enters the port, Aurora decides to pay a visit to its captain, a man she knows from the past. This comic is sure to be a good story AND challenge a few assumptions.



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