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Happy Day After New Years!

skoolmunkee at 8:04AM, Jan. 2, 2008

You all realize at some point in history the decision of how to decide a new year was pretty arbitrary, right? Buuuut it's a good excuse to have a party so I don't have a problem with that.

Speaking of parties, don't forget about the DD community project Off Hours, which is what DD characters do as actors while not working on their ‘shows’!

Also, I made a mistake in my other news post: Nintendo's Untold Legends is 100 pages, not 25! (Oops)

nigbun his having a contest for Give Me The Sky!

GMTS has reached its 100th page and in celebration of this, I'm holding a contest! There's about $50 worth of prizes to be won (admittedly mostly as artwork from me) and the chance to make a character that will appear in my comic! It's a great opportunity to show off your skills too, as every entrant, even ones who don't make places, will be spotlighted one at a time on every future update of GNTS after the contest has finished! (Until I run out, obviously.) All the information can be found here!


Also at one point in history, a ‘milestone’ was a real thing, probably. There are mile markers on highways and all, but they're reflective metal and not stone. Not sure where I'm going with this… oh yeah.

In the particular order of my opening them in my PQ inbox:

Sticking Sporks in Something Else by Sticking has reached 50 pages (with a special 50th episode)!

The Devon Legacy has reached 150 pages, and has nearly finished up with issue 3!

legacyhero and Steve Sloane have joined forces to make The Nullifiers, which has recently posted its 25th page! A good time to jump aboard!

Afterglow by 6source has reached 50 pages! (Actually more like 52 or something probably)!

Fugitoid tells me that his ‘filthy little baby’ Premise Beach has reached 100 pages!

At 25 pages is Super Shroom by Cylanther!

Lama Glama by curlpop is 75 pages old!

Warpedwenger's Wakon Yosai has reached 125 pages, is at a story arc climax, and will be in graphic novel form soon!

At 75 pages is the ‘lovely’ Frank and Vinny by crocty!

On Friday, Pokemon Hitchhikers by maskedmonkey will reach 25 pages!



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