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I want socks with individual toes!

skoolmunkee at 5:45AM, Jan. 7, 2008

Man I need to do these more often. However like other resolutions, it will come to naught!

keithmccleary tells me that Killing Tree Quarterly has wrapped up… but that he does have more comic plans for the near future! Also, I don't think enough people read his interview. Do it!

Nega Link has been trying to drum up some support for a new community comic project called Bark Hollow! As usual, there's a forum thread that will tell you all about it!

Does your character like cameos? Well, Uncle Doug is staring a brand new storyline in spring 2008 and is inviting you to join them! what they're looking for are characters that appear in a Drunk Duck comic to make cameos during that storyline. There's a forum thread where you can find more information!

Amanda of Salt the Holly (probably has nothing to do with decking the halls) has hit 25 pages! Additionally, she's having a character design contest! You know you love them. :) Go check it out!

Hukkah by hukkahmaster (well at least he's a master of it, who else would you trust?) has reached 25 pages!

Spriter Club Comic, a community comic run by Coveinant, has reached its 25th page!

The collaborative comic Life as an 8bit 2 by user Twin and others will reach its 50th page on Wednesday! Woo!

Also turning 50 on Wednesday is trevoramueller's The Temple of a Thousand Tears! Man, that's an exciting sounding title! I'm gonna go have a look :)

Karen the Marilith is not only a marilith, but also 100 pages and 1 year old! Congrats to Azaeziel!

At 125 pages is Priest_Revan's 2s A Company!

Also reaching 125 pages is Politics: The Tanker's Way

rmccool's Public Humiliation has reached 500 pages! (that's a lot of humiliation)

At a whopping 450 comics is Golden Gamers bu Aussie_kid! Wow! Aussie kid has another comic with a milestone too:

Enter the Duck 3 has reached 100 pages!

I think Black Kitty is gonna make another newspost tonight - so lucky you!



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