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I didn't get much done today

skoolmunkee at 11:52AM, Jan. 11, 2008

Working Stiffs, a comic about zombies at work, is about to reach 25 pages! (Also, he says he's determined to update 3 pages a week!)

Also at 25 pages is Chernobog's Schizophrenia Bloom!

Sidwarrious's Mercs, which he describes as “paving the way to mediocrity,” has turned 100!

theRedDeath would like to annouce that Bad Guy High has reached 300 pages!

And lastly, a bit of an unusual but nevertheless cool announcement!

My page update this week is going to be somewhat unusual. A band I did some artwork for last year gave me a very unique christmas present. They made me a theme song. So this week's update of The Adventures of Superchum and the Mighty Befrienders is going to be a bit of a plug about this new song. And it's probably the most newsworthy thing my comic's been a part of in ages.

Here's a link to the band's myspace page where you can hear the song in my update.

They're loud and they're Scottish. They're called The Bucky Rage. And they're fans of Superchum.

I'm also adding the song as my own Superchum MySpace profile song.

I understand if linking to myspace is a no-no here. I just thought I'd let you all know that I have my own theme song, which for me is probably the most surprising and yet coolest gift I've ever received. And in Superchum-land, it's big news!

Black Kitty: Hey guys, I totally made a mistake on the news last time. Stupidity is a Virtue wasn't hitting the 50th milestone last Wednesday but THIS Wednesday. Oops! Sorry! :(



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