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Man why it rainin so much lately

skoolmunkee at 1:39AM, Jan. 15, 2008

I'm hijacking this newspost to make my announcements first! Because I can.

Firstly, we've had a bit more trouble lately filling 3 featured comics spots a week. I'm not saying the good comics aren't there any more, I'm just saying we've been pretty busy and we've only been able to manage 2 a week sometimes (which some of you may have noticed). So, until further notice, there will only be 2 featured comics a week. Sorry all. :/

Secondly, the Comic Review forum has been kind of slow lately and could use some fresh people! This forum is dedicated to the worthy cause of givng and receiving critical insight about comics! However there are a couple rules (like a signup sheet) to keep things fair, so don't run over there and post a thread saying review my comicx kthxbye


shungai's Love You Like Crazy has reached 25 pages! Actually 30, but we like to stick to 25-sies. Congrats!

Cross Worlds Nexxus by shaneronzio has hit page 550! Actually 555, but we like to stick to 25-sies. Congrats to you too!

keithmccleary's provocatively-titled comic Whore has reached 25 strips!

Also at 25 pages is Insects, Inc. Unlimited by raven37! It is both incorporated and without limits!

Did you know that Xum by Wilson has also reached that milestone which we know as 25 pages!

Do you like man-boys? Sounds kind of illegal doesn't it? Well, maybe you should check out Man-Boys by Ed Comics, which has reached 25 comics too!

Another comic has reached 25 pages you say? No wait, I'm the one saying this stuff. It's Haven from makingcomicsstudios!

Lots of 25-comic-ers eh?

Animania by poonipoonz has reached 100 pages! Woo hoo!

We also have two contests today!

I'm starting my first contest for my comic, The Adventures of Mask Cape Man! The due date is March 15th. The contest is to draw a single scene between Mask and Dark to decide their battle in the next episode.
We finally got over the 100K page view hump & decided to have a contest to celebrate!

All you have to do is be the first to guess the twist ending to BLACKOUT DRUNK, and you win one of the full color limited edition hardbound graphic novels!(a $12 value in printing costs alone!)

It hasn't been guessed yet, but I will be posting it soon, so get your guess is now!



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