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Time machine please!

Black_Kitty at 10:03PM, Jan. 20, 2008

There's apparently an election for the position of DrunkDuck Overlord!

Starting Monday the election season on Drunk Duck will be officially starting. The Overlord ‘08 contest begins where some of DD’s top artists will calling for your endorcement, vote, fan art and servitude as they run for for the position of Drunk Duck Overlord.

Silent Kitty, Cheeko, Ozone Ocean, Lucky, The Red Death, Kota, Mad Scott, Juno Blair and Mayshing are all in the mix this year and whomever gets the most fan art by the end of the contest will be crowned Overlord.

“Suck up now before one of them becomes your Overlord”

Or so says Evil Emperor Nick who just so happened to have married Amelius 16 days ago! So congrats you lucky couple you!

Speaking of votes and all that, did you know that Silvipera and floodgatemartyr are doing a DrunkDuck comic called "Lil' Hero Artists"? Why am I telling you this? Because they've made it to the finals in the Alterna Comics Submissions Contest! Go say hi and vote! <3

Did I mention that RoastyToasty is back after a 3 month hiatus? No? Did I mention that I mentioned it on The Gigcast which is this awesome podcast that SpANG and I help out at by broadcasting DD news? No? Oh. Well I'll just go eat more of Terminal's cookies then.

Crocty has a message for all of you:

"My No. 1 comic is a community project where people send in their favourite page from their comic, along with a link to it, and why they like it, and I shall post it up, like a “big scrapbook”, and I need moar submissionzzz!!!!111!one!"


If you're a fan of The SuperFogeys then life has been treating you good because they've just started taking pre-orders for the SuperFogeys Book 2! (And if you're not a fan, now's a good time to start as any!) Special discount for those who order Book 1 along with Book 2! You can do all the ordering over here!

MORE milestones!

The Temple of a Thousand Tears turns 50 pages this Wednesday! Congrats there! May there be 50 more and then 50 more after that!

Coincidentally, Wednesday just happens to be the day that Human City reaches its 25th page! (ROBO-SKELETAL ARM! :O)

After you're done checking those comics out and saying congrats, please move back in time to wish Suibom a happy 50 pages. Because that's just how we roll.

Did I mention this? If I didn't then um, here it is again! Sword of Heaven just passed its 1 year anniversary! Actually it passed awhile back but did you not read the sign?! Time machine a-go-go!

And let us end this milestone galoore with a contest because contests are awesome~

Because we're about to hit the big 25, we at the comic Akashik are holding a contest. Contestants will have until Valentine's day to take a blank page we have provided on our main website and give us funny dialogue. Winners receive original artwork, a t-shirt, or a bracelet. Check us out at for more details

(Did I miss anybody's news? If I did and your news already passed, please send me or Skoolmunkee the PQ again. To prevent the newspost from being too massive, if your news is happening about a week from now, I've saved it for the next newspost.)



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