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Are we going to the park? The park? Car ride to the park?

skoolmunkee at 10:01AM, Jan. 25, 2008

Everybody say goodbye to Jemelis's Valiant - that's it, it's finished, story's over! I've heard it's good so maybe you should check it out!

Zorphbert and Fred is holding another “Put Words In Their Mouth” contest on Monday, January 28th! dgriff13 draws the image, you write the dialogue, and the winner gets a cameo of their character in her comic!

Walrus's Pokemon Sinnoh Surfer will be turning 50 on Monday (and will also have a special page)!

And in a whole slew of other comics turning 50 pages (I wonder if they were all conceived at the same time?), we have:

shinyman's Grim Dorkness!

Last Words by Iba!

Azaeziel and Flame's Maple Story Adventure!

At 75 pages long we have The Author's The Author!

Copy and Paste's Beta has reached 100 pages!

Also turning 100 is Jix by Sameth! Two of the characters are getting married in the 100th comic, I'm told…

Also by Sameth is Dragon City, which is a huge 250 pages long!

Turning 1 year old (and then some…) is The Wasteland Circus by Toadman!

On Sunday, Willowanderer's Stupidity in Magic will have been online for 5 years!

magicalmisfits tells me that Magical Misfits has hit 2 years of age (and has quite good mileage at 657 comics)!



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