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I am totally not late. You are all just totally early!

Black_Kitty at 9:28PM, Jan. 28, 2008

Skool's not the only one hearing the grand turning of 25 pages~

BIONICLE Zeroes, Brainfuzz , and Unknown has recently turned the good old 25! (Additionally, Unknown also broke through the top 1000! YAY!)

Revenge Addict also reached 25 pages and it's about wicked vengeance manifested in the body of a young woman~ Yes? Yes? Go check it out!

Super Shroom meanwhile did double of that! And not to be outdone, Nargle Arts is not only 50 pages old but ONE YEAR OLD too~

ZOMG! A party at Life As Told By Rutger! Check out who showed up and did a cameo for its 50th birthday! (As in…pages…not years.)

Crazy Duck is also 200 strips old today! (If…by today I mean the 23rd. >.>)

But TOMORROW! Ialus is turning 2 years old. ;___; They grow up so fast. And we can all see how much Ialus has grown by checking out Defunct Ialus, which contains all the old pages.

EvilTwinPixie recently bought something to my attention:

I don't know if you still include non-comic related congratulations on the front page newsposts, but if you do, would you give a nod to my brother, Monkeymafia of Hellfire, as he recently got an illustration of his used as the front cover of a book published in the UK. :) Quite an achievement at 18.
If that's not the sort of thing that's right to mention, then of course ignore this message. ;)

Why are you people so talented?! ;____; I am indeed a jealous cat jealous.

(But seriously, congrats there Monkeymafia! And for those of you who haven't checked out his stuff, you are totally missing out on some very delicious eye candy!)



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