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skoolmunkee at 11:49AM, Jan. 28, 2008

Is that the sound of someone turning 25 pages old that I hear? Why I think it is! Look, there it comes now:

Rumbles by Vakanai!

Obscene Cuisine by jazzy has also reached 25 pages, and also has some news about an OC collection on his latest page!

oachambers has a double milestone - Chaos Punks has hit 25, and Weirdlings has reached 150 strips and also is ending Season One!

Beyond Human by HalJones is 50!

Also at 50 pages is One A.M.!

Another 50-pager is DeadSquirrelJoJo's Dis: Life is Hell!

Terran Sandz by cs3ink has surpassed 75 pages and is also starting its 4th issue, which is the final issue of its first mini-series!

ketenol's comic Generica Comica has 100 pages! He has told me that I am excited about it.

Remember that Wazaga's contest for Ever Hollow ends in 3 weeks!

And Brock tells me:

1. The folks at the smashingly good podcast, the Webcomic Beacon, have decided to throw caution to the wind and interview this dumb schlub I call “me” for their latest broadcast. That's set for release on Feb. 1 on their website, (or search for “webcomic beacon” in the iTunes store). The topic of conversation will be the SuperFogeys (naturally) and developing comic styles.

2. The stoniest milestone of them all drops with a loud, cranky thud on Drunk Duck when the SuperFogeys hits episode #100 on Tuesday, Feb. 5th. Not at all coincidentally, this marks the end of Chapter 3, “The Techno Shuffle.” Expect a TRIPLE-sized strip and a MAJOR reveal that's been in the works since the very beginning. You may not pee your pants, but I'd put on some extra padding just in case.



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