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Good morning, starshine

skoolmunkee at 4:48AM, July 14, 2008

Monday's featured comic is Welcome to Border City!
Border City (built by 12 legendary superheroes) was intended as a haven, a place where the darkness of the world outside would be kept outside. But all is not well within Border City's walls- Evil is still at work. The comic has wonderful art with great attention to detail. It's the enjoyably puzzling characters and story that make Border City what it is, however.

Th_Mole tells me that The One Panel Case Files has reached 250 comics as of today!

Also having a milestone today is blntmaker, maker of Better Luck Next Time, which has reached 75 pages!

Elanor Pam's Sinful reached 50 pages last week, congrats!

Lastly, hitting 100 is Pixel Plumbers by darkpower101010!



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