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Hey guys you know what Monday means right?

skoolmunkee at 4:18AM, July 21, 2008

Monday's featured comic is The Necropolis Chronicles!
Jaina's first day at her new boarding school is a drag. No one likes her, and the feeling is mutual. Jaina knows she is different from her schoolmates- but she doesn't quite realize just how different until she's captured by three weirdos in costumes, has to escape a run-down hick cabin in the woods, and sought after by witches and demons. Turns out she's probably the normal one.


There's a new community project starting up in the Networking and Community forum (there always is!) - this one is called Tired Comics and it's all about sleep deprivation (and the comics people draw in that state)… basically, draw or make anything while tired, send it to Bocaj, and he'll post it up over at Tired Comics! (Please execute safely, do not drive motor vehicles…)

Although a bit newer to the Duck, Majin Kedamoki 's comic The Final Zone is 1 year old on July 23rd!

The Compozerz by antcomics has recently hit 25 pages! Woo!

For Your Eyes Only… is now a whopping 250 pages old! Congrats, Kohdok!



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