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Happy June!

skoolmunkee at 11:49PM, June 1, 2008

Today's featured comic is Two Rooks!

In a world divided by disease and ruled absolutely, a handful of people remain rebellious. A man named Deatoura is contacted (in the men's room) by the Queen of Hearts- she wants him to kill the president, a man he inadvertently put in power by killing his predecessors. He's not too keen on the idea but the rewards are more than he wants to pass up… Amazing art, dramatic story, and loads of style.

We have a couple of comics ending today :[

The hugely popular and long-running (by the hard-working Inkmoney) Elijah and Azuu will be posting its last update on Monday (that's today). I've been told that it's one of “those fancy-pants Flash animation thingies” so if you needed MORE reason to check it out other than the fact that it was a good comic and Inkmonkey is cool, there you go. :) Let's hope Inkmonkey has more projects in the future!

Walrus's Anime Remix ended on Sunday. That's not Walrus's only comic though, so if you are a fan, check out his other stuff too!

Now for the comics that are still going!

Sluice by Milky has reached 50 pages!

Also reaching 50 pages is Doctor Shadow's Chronicles of Wyrden! Coincidentally, the 50th page is also a celebratory page for having achieved over 100 favorites subscribers!

who else is at 50 pages? Let's see…. there's Putrid Meat by PIT_FACE! That's at 50 pages too!

congrats to all youse guyse :)



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