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Guys my tomatoes are growing so fast

skoolmunkee at 3:37PM, June 6, 2008

Thursday's featured comic is Leo!
Leo is an orphan- he never knew his father and his mother was killed before his eyes. Life is tough for him. The police are always after him- at the beginning of this comic, they've almost caught him. A very odd guardian angel comes to his rescue just in time to save him from the police and from another very odd man in water-filled platform shoes. Lots of great fight scenes ensue! When things calm down, Leo learns that he hasn't quite been as alone as he thought. The guardian angel was sent by his father… Zeus.



Some sad news today. :[ Riley (rmccool), creator of Life with Dragons and Public Humiliation, lost her partner Drake to cancer earlier this week. She is a great member of the DD community and her comics are enjoyed by many people - I'm sure she would appreciate a kind note at this time from anyone who feels moved to do so.


Not only did Frogman celebrate the third anniversary of his comic Ultimate X recently, but he's put the first 100 strips together into a collection available through LuLu! The book also has a bonus 6-page story which isn't available online!

SoulDriver by j giar has posted its 50th page today! Go see!

Also reaching 50 pages is KDog's Lego: Space - The Comic! What's that one about, I wonder? (Besides Legos and Space)

Aussie_kid tells me that Enter the Duck 3 has just reached its 150th page…. now this is also the last page of the series, but fret not! Perhaps there will be an Enter the Duck 4…? (and what is ‘Enter the Duck’ you may ask? Well maybe you should check out the comic and find out!)



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