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Regular news, and Featured comic Surfboards and Rayguns!

skoolmunkee at 12:34AM, June 12, 2008

Today's featured comic is Surfboards and Rayguns!
Intergalactic love and war on the beaches of Hawaii… as Wizer gives free surfing lessons to blonde bombshell Kona (who is interested in more than a ‘beach bum, to his dismay), spaceships battle in the stratosphere above them. Forgive the excitable punctuation early on, because this comic looks absolutely lovely- especially the water- and has a pretty interesting story developing.

Also I’ve received a completely valid criticism that all the featured comics in the past while have all been actiony guy type comics… so I will make an effort to find girlier stuff to feature. :)

Today we have NINE, NINE pieces of news! Let's count them together! Ah ah!

FIRST piece of news! A community project is piece of news number ONE!

I have recently started a community project called Drunk Duck Alphabet!

Could you please give it a mention in your next newspost?
Piece of news number TWO! A novel publishing- amazing!
Tantz Aerine
Hey :) Do you think you could announce at the main page that I have had my second book published? It's called The Art of Veiling: Discipline and it's the second part of the fantasy trilogy I've created.
THIRD piece of news! THREE!
I was wondering if you could do an announcement saying that my comic What You Don't See just went over 500 pages!
Next piece of news is number FOUR!
On June 15th, my webcomic Jix is turning 1 year old.
FIVE! FIVE pieces of news!
Wayne Wise, creator of the Xeric award winning Grey Legacy, has been posting a bunch of miscellaneous sketchbook stuff under the collective title of Wayne's Sketchbook. It's up to 25 pages now. Check it out.
Piece of news number SIX! Ah ah, I love counting!
I have a milestone here for ya: Lancaster the Ghost Detective Will be ending next week, and though it didn't quite reach 800 pages, I'd say it made a valiant effort. Pfft, even a baby could do 800, I'm ashamed.

Also since the comic is ending, the Northcod Residential contest truly begins, a scavenger hunt to find all 38 fan characters scattered throughout the comic's final episode. Anyone who can find them all will snag a nice prize pack. A prize pack that's filled with prizes, mm yes.
Edit: Here's an additional article about the end of Lancaster

SEVEN, SEVEN pieces of news! We are nearly done, I fear!
This Thursday, my comic, Pokemon Sinnoh Surfer, will be turning 100 pages. I have started updating every day of the week and will end on August 12 or so. Also, Pokemon Sinnoh Surfer has been extended from its 10 book series to follow Ty completely through the Sinnoh, that is until further notice.
The EIGHTH piece of news! EIGHT!
My comic Its Ninja Time turned 75 today and I would like it in the news thingy. Many thanks
This is it… this is the end. Piece of news number NINE! NINE!
My strip, Breaking the Ice has just hit the big 5-0. I can hardly believe it myself!

Until next time, my friends!



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