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Featured comic and DD news!

skoolmunkee at 3:47AM, June 16, 2008

Today's featured comic is Simply Sarah!

Meet Sarah, a girl who is constantly under pressure from her family to find a boy and fall in love with him. Just one problem- she fancies girls. What's Sarah to do? Her new friend Janey invites her out for some fun, but Sarah can hardly enjoy it as the entire time she's wondering whether she should tell Janey how much she really likes her… unfortunately romance isn't the only thing in her life that is difficult for Sarah.


The comic Leo by alexhatzia has just ended, which I find very sad as I featured it two weeks ago and I thought it would be going a bit longer! However, now that you know it's a good comic and you know it's a complete story, I think you should definitely check it out!


From Anubis of Blood Bound, we are told that the print version of Blood Bound Vol.2 is now available, and also that Sassy (the comic's succubus) will soon be getting her own clothing label!


Man-Boys! by Brett at Ed Comics, which you may have thought was on hiatus, is back now and has posted its 75th page! They've also recently published their first 31st strips in an ash-can comic book size, and you can purchase it at their home site!


ReincarnatedPotato (oops, I mean Parano) tells me that Serai has just reached 50 pages! Congrats!


Stickman and Cube by Pieguy259 has reached a big 175 comics! He says that achievement was “against insuperable odds” so I guess we better congratulate him, huh? :)


And lastly, smkinoshita of Super Temps decided he was gonna interview me, which was very nice of him, but I bet he's sorry now because I talked a lot and didn't give up any good admin dirt. However, please visit the interview and tell smkinoshita what great questions he asked (because he did) and that his snarky comments on my answers have improved the whole thing immensely! :) smkinoshita interviews skoolmunkee



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