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Did someone say drunken catfights?

skoolmunkee at 4:31AM, June 20, 2008

Sorry this newspost is a day late, had some all-day work stuff yesterday and couldn't bear the idea of being on the computer….

Thursday's featured comic is Manifestations!

Like several other great pieces of media, Manifestations starts with an awesome plane crash. Things only get more interesting from there. The creator of Devoid Of Life brings us a terrifying story of ghosts, monsters, resurrected cats, and other wild and scary things crawling around behind the back of reality (although ‘reality’ is a questionable concept, here). Smart, spellbindng, and looks amazing!


Story of a Robot (one of my favorites, and not just 'cos the author is a Brit) has reached 125 pages! You guys should definitely check it out!

Rival Angels (you know, the one about hot babes rasslin') has reached the big seven five! (That's 75 for you non-spellers). And albone has told me a bit of info that ought to get a few of you rushing to read: “We've seen a lot of nastiness in the ring but we're about to see some nastiness on the outside of the ring as well. Booze never helps in these situations.” DRUNKEN CATFIGHTS awesooooome!



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