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Argh late already

skoolmunkee at 12:07AM, June 30, 2008

Monday's featured comic is Dirtheads!
Dirtheads is a comic about three twenty-something guys doing their part to cut the crap in the world. Gooch goes on a quest for reimbursement and reveals the ‘pretend’ service practices of modern businesses. Vince starts dating ‘a reader’ that he tries to impress by sounding more intelligent than he is, and finds that things work better when he's not putting on an act. And Manny… well he's just an overeducated loser with high expectations.

I'm in a hurry this morning so sorry if I don't put as many useless words as usual into this newspost! (Also, Thursday's newspost might be a little late.)

Beyond Human by HalJones turns 100 comics old today! Congrats! Also, the comic is in a brand-new chapter starring Aeric Summers…

I Fell Down the Stairs (by ifelldownthestairs) has reached its 1st anniversary! Awwwww!

curlpop's Lama Glama hit 100 strips last Friday! Woo!

Age of Ends by DMH has reached 25 pages as of last Friday!

Hitting 50 comics over the weekend was The Adventures of Toast and Pie by Davekrill!

And with a sorta-triple-whammy-I-think is royduncan's The Villain Next Door, which has reached page 50, starting book 3, and had its new website featured by its host as a site of the month!



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