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skoolmunkee demands you read the news!

skoolmunkee at 10:21AM, March 1, 2008

Just dropping by with some news that my comic, Dawnbringer, will be turning 25 pages this weekend, and to celebrate I'm posting a shiny new cover page that I worked ever so hard on.
You don't want all his hard work to go to waste, do you? DO YOU?

Also at 25 pages is leaderofstars's random ass friday comics! It turned 25 on the 27th though and that was a Wednesday? But isn't it called ‘Friday’ comics…? :3

Avatar of Fire by mattwandcow (what's a ‘wandcow’?) has reached 100 pages! Awesome!

Don't forget about the On Demand threads!
New stuff going on in the Networking and Community forum! There are now several 'On Demand' threads where people can advertise their skills and services, and basically get on a list of people with various skills who are willing to offer their assistance on a voluntary and/or paid basis! For example, someone who is looking to write sci-fi stories can put themselves on the Writers on Demand list, and then if an artist comes along and wants someone to write a sci-fi story for them… tada! These aren't Help Wanted threads though- these are the threads where the Help Wanted people should check first. :) So, there's Writers On Demand, Artists on Demand, and Audio On Demand! Check them out and advertise yourself for free! These aren't just for comics either- it can be for any creative project! Eventually the scope of these threads may extend on to other artistic and creative sites, so come get yer pancakes while they're hot! (Did that metaphor make any sense?)



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