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A new Drunk Duck Creator Interview is UP!

skoolmunkee at 12:20AM, March 3, 2008

It's a long one this time- I asked the same questions of 4 creators who have an overweight character in their comic. It's quite interesting to read, in my opinion! Especially when it comes to where and why their answers differ! So this week's interview features:

IronSpike of Templar, Arizona
dueeast of Due East
heymelby of Chad the Fat Kid
TitanOne of Aurora of the High Seas

How important to the comic is it that your main character is overweight? Are you trying to send any messages or attitudes about weight with your comic?

It's significant to point out Sapphira is not the main character, the whole Hu family is as well as Carolyn Maye. Yes, one of the main characters is fat/plus-sized but perhaps only because she is not the negative stereotype of a fat young woman. If we are trying to send any messages about weight, it's basically “look, these are real-looking people, like people you may know. They don't judge each other based on their weight.” And it's good to have examples in front of you that demolish stereotypes. That's what breaks down barriers, seeing people as they are, not as the stereotypes that define prejudice. When you get to know people and see that they have lives and red blood, just like you or I, it makes it harder to see them as some stereotype.
Visit the forum thread to read it all!



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