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Comic news!

skoolmunkee at 12:09AM, March 3, 2008

crifmer's Posted has just hit 25 comics! He'd like to thank all the people still reading. :)

The very cool by TheMidge28 will post its 50th page tomorrow!

Also turning 50 this week is Pokemon Sinnoh Surfer by Walrus! The 50th comic will start out as the first page of book 2 in the 10-book series!

poonipoonz's Animania has reached an awesome high of 150 pages!

Ryan and I are having a contest, which ends at the end of THIS MONTH! That's like 30 days away or something (that's how long months usually are, right?). It's to be a part of The 900, the follow-up to The 600 which went rather well!

Forum thread is here for anyone who wants to compete!



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