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If only I had a million dollars...

skoolmunkee at 12:35PM, March 8, 2008

Lots of people lately wanting artists, writers, spriters, colorists, etc over in Networking and Community this week! You might want to swing by to see if you're interested!

Wazaga tells me that the results of her contest for Ever Hollow are in, you can view them here!

Lots of milestones this week!

Turning 25 pages old, we have…

National Dex by lucky7s76! (There will also be an additional commemorative page on Tuesday!)

Walrus's Anime Remix, congrats!

Several 50-ers, notably…

amanda's Salt the Holly! FFII victory music here!

Got two someones at 75…

Marital Bliss??? by marialbliss & co., and is also one year old, and which creators will be married for 10 years next week! Now the world knows!

trevoramueller's Temple of a Thousand Tears! Also, “With the death of a major character in this chapter, as well as the revelation about the mysterious swordsman's past, this story arc is quickly coming to a close in the climactic Chapter 6 (which will start up later this month).”

Even a couple 100-ers…

Evergreen Comics by evergreen!

Mondo_Funky's Awesomeataz who has promised me rare, exotic jewels in exchange for posting this!

Last Words by Iba will be 100 pages old on Sunday!

Oops, and someone is 500…

ToonmanAZ's Company Man, who says that his comic is hilarious, and that he couldn't have gotten through 500 pages of poop jokes without the support of the fine artists at DD!



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