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You know what sounds good right now? Chinese food. Mmmm

skoolmunkee at 2:17PM, March 24, 2008

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, whether they celebrated a holiday or not!

Brainfuzz is technically last Friday's featured comic, but since it didn't show up on the main page til today, I'll just leave it up and continue as normal on Wednesday. :) Here's its blurb! “This suspiciously adorable comic consists of the brain bubbles of an artist- all those little, random thoughts and ideas that a person can't get out of their head. It's cute, it's simple, it will give you a little smile on update days. You might even learn something- like even the gloomiest angst-ridden person is still a slave to a mew-ing kitty”

In no particular order:

Avatar of Fire reaches page 125 today! Coincidentally they are also launching a brand new story with “colors and stuff” and “actual plot.” Join them as they fight for time and space!

soonmme's A Pokemon comic that everyone will ignore even though the author puts way more work into it than some other very popular Pokemon comics that get over nine thousand views on days they DON'T update what the hell (someone sounds bitter) has reached 50 pages!

Sonic Meets Megaman by omegasonic0 has reached 50 pages and is also starting its second chapter!

junoblairb has told me that Star Cross'd Destiny will reach 175 pages this week, and is also concluding the epic LaBauve/Mafia car chase! There will be explosions! Boom kapow bloosh crash tinkle! (That last one was bits of glass)

One of my favorite water-related words (oh and it's a comic too), Sluice, has reached 25 pages! Also, Milky wanted me to keep this a secret, but it's super SUPER amazing. Take that, you!

Mildly Mundane by confusedsoul will be 2 years old on Wednesday!

MysteriousJeff's Pokemon Yellow Comics, a drawn Pokemon comic chronicling the adventures of Pokemon Yellow, has just reached its 50th page! (I just want to say that ‘Jeff’ isn't a very mysterious name, you know?)

This is a shout out to all the fans of Rival Love. The comic just hit 50, March 21, 2008 at the time 7:30PM EST! I am planning on putting more pages up for a very long time…and I don't intend to make my fans disappointed. Mpgraphics has worked so hard on this comic and I'm sure he's as happy as I am writing it. SO thanks for all the support and awesome ratings. Keep reading!!



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