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skoolmunkee at 2:55AM, March 27, 2008

Did I say nudes? I meant, news. Gotcha!

Hyperactive Comics is turning the big 175! If it were a person it would totally be dead by now! But it isn't, so uh… it's not dead.

Wings of a God by RDraconis has reached 25 pages!

spacehamster's Bulletproof hits 75 pages today! Go read it!

Also reaching 75 today is Sonic confusion by RollnKutter, or if you're counting without filler-pages, will reach 50 on Tuesday!

Unspoken Promises by first-time comic artist tsukikoneko has reached 50 updates!

Flashlight Antics has a comic named Chaos Reigns which is about to reach 100 comics! Specifically,

Flashlight Antics
Chaos Reigns has been at it for 100 comics. Join the party of a lifetime and then continue to watch Chaos Reign down once more!"



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