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Drunk Duck Creator Interviews Extravaganza begins today!

skoolmunkee at 1:41AM, March 31, 2008

What up everyone? Recently I ran an experimental community project - an interview circle, where DD members could interview each other! There are 11 of them and for the next 2 weeks, I will be posting one every weekday!

It's important that these guys get some props because interviewing is hard work, believe me! I was entertained by all of these so the more kudos and interest they get, the more successful the project was, and the more likely I'll be to do something like it in the future and people can get all pimpin' themselves :)

Today's interview was conducted by usedbooks of Used Books, and features crifmer of Posted!

Why did you decide to use Post-It notes for your comic?

You know, I don't actually know what started it. I always liked to doodle on post-its, and I've always thought the post-it was a wonderful invention. I use them an awful lot. I think it was because I had no idea, technically, how to put a comic together. What size paper should I use? How big should the panels be? I knew I wanted to do a three-panel strip because I'd be experimenting and using it to develop artistically. With a random strip, I could just draw whatever I wanted to work on and go in any direction I wanted. And as I was doodling on a post-it, it hit me that they were just the right size for the panels. So I decided to draw the strip on post-its, using commonly found business materials to turn my lack of ability into a gimmick.
Read the rest of the interview in the Interviews forum!



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