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Heidi-ho neighborinos!

skoolmunkee at 6:12AM, May 12, 2008

We've got a new DD Creator Interview today! This time round, I ask helmelby of Chad the Fat Kid a bunch of questions about Chad (a character who is very unlikable, yet readers still sympathise with him)…

Can we get a laundry list of Chad's problems?

Over weight, poor self image, self centered, unresolved issues with his father, mother is too busy to properly raise him, over active imagination, physically weak, uncoordinated, etc.
Read the rest of the interview here in the Interviews forum!

BlkKnight has revived the Three-Way Comic Project! This project is all about 3 people working on a comic page together- a concept designer, a writer, and an artist! If you'd like to participate in v2.0, follow this link for instructions and sign-up!

There are two 100-page milestones today!

legacyhero's Young Defenders has just reached 100 pages! It looks like a fun comic, now's a good chance to check it out!

Wow now I know I've been out of touch with reality. I completely missed when Gemutations Plague turned 100 pages! Even better than the idea that Plague has been around nearly two years and has gotten that far, is that we start into a new chapter starting 19 May 08. Join me for “Exposure!” We introduce Mira Stevenson, Tom Martin's love interest, as well as dive even deeper into the plot regarding the virus - as a main character gets exposed! Join me on the 19th, I promise you won't be disappointed!



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