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Italy is gonna be great!

skoolmunkee at 2:13AM, May 15, 2008

First- I'm not going to be here for the next week, so until next Thursday, send any news etc to ozoneocean or Spang! or Black_Kitty! DO IT


Hey folks, we've got a new bug on the site (fun!) as of last Thursday where people in Japan, and some in Canada, can't view images on Drunk Duck at all whatsoever. Awesome! I've done all I can but there's no word on what the problem is or when it will be fixed. So, to all comic owners who think they have readers in Japan and/or Canada, you might want to mirror your new comic images on Photobucket, Imagesocket, or etc. If you put a link to that image in your author's comment, then those people can click it and see your comic. I'd also advise any affected people in Japan or Canada to send a PQ or leave a comment on the comics you're missing out on, asking them to do this (because not everyone reads the news anymore).

There's also a forum thread that is the major keeping-track place of the situation.


Don't forget that the Comic Book Challenge is still going on… time is running out! The entry deadline is May 31st!


Did you notice there was a new Creator Interview up on Monday? Well there was! It is from heymelby of Chat the Fat Kid!


The Comic Review forum has been moving really slow lately- lots of people want reviews, but not so many want to do them! It's not very fair to expect the same 6-8 people to do all the reviews all the time, is it? I know I'd get burned out. Why don't you head over and help out a bit? You might find a comic you like, and you might even LEARN something (if you're so inclined)! Plus, once you've done a few reviews yourself, you can sign up to get your own comic reviewed!


j giar's SoulDriver (you know, the one that was featured) is now available as a free download from WOWIO! It's FREE! I think you should get it! Go here!


Xolta, an adult comic that is truly not intended for readers under 18, reaches 175 pages on Friday. The comic also just ended the first book Xolta: Genesis and is starting the next book, coincidentally called Exodus (and I might even try adding a plot this time). And to help celebrate the new book and milestone, there are 3 possible covers for the Exodus book that folks can vote on (posted on Monday). Thanks!



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