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Monday morning, you sure looked fine...

Ozoneocean at 7:54AM, May 19, 2008

Skool is away doing fun stuff in Italy with Italian people, So I get to make the news title again. -psst- Fleetwood Mac :P

Today's Feature is Bulletproof
“In Junction City, there are men and women with strange powers and abilities, the Omega Humans. Ostracised by society, many turn to crime, while a few are employed by JCORP to keep the city safe. But can a corporation be trusted with law enforcement?”

TWO news pieces baby:

Ttyler's ENGINE has reach 100 pages! YAY! ^_^ That sort of thing is always a massive achievement. Go and read it, it's a groovy old school muscles and action comic full of groovy, funk and cool!

Today is the launch of Tall Tale Features (, a new “cartoonists collective” that includes Drunk Duck's own Mike Witmer and myself. We're joined by 4 other excellent, professionally minded cartoonists that have banded together to create a community where we can talk about comics, pop culture and whatever else may be on our minds.

We also have a forum where anyone can register and participate in a wide variety of discussions….and plug their own work! Worth checking out. Full details in the author's notes of the latest SuperFogeys.

Now to pad this out with some of Skool's stuff:

Don't forget that the Comic Book Challenge is still going on… time is running out! The entry deadline is the 31st of May!

Don't forget to check out the



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