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I totally started this before Ozone posted his but it took a long time to put together because there

skoolmunkee at 3:21AM, Nov. 10, 2008

Drunk Duck Secret Santa Signups!

Crossover High by Maverik & co. has been on Drunk Duck for a year! We're glad to have you. :)

JP's Bearly Abel has hit the 25 page mark! Congrats on the first milestone!

The following comics are 50 pages old!

Awesome by therealtj (and it's also halfway over, so running out of time, folks)

Ryushin's Armageddon Ro!

Barely Listening by Wills42, and is also 1 year old on the 17th!

… and Walter Babble by Froobius!

Now for the 75'ers

Safety Man by Signz, and drinks are on him!

one_am's One A.M.!

Stickfodder's Stickfodder was Friday, and continues the ongoing storyline!

Blitzkrieg1701's Far Out There is 100 pages deep! He says it is “a scifi comedy sort of like what Futurama, Red Dwarf, or The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy would be like if they were less witty and original.” Now that's advertising! …?

@$$hole! by trevoramueller turned 150 on Friday, which was also two days after his birthday, and also marks the conclusion of the photo-story arc that got the comic nominated for Best Photo Comic in the 2008 DD Awards!

These comics are swimming in pages, someone save them

ipokino's Robot Wars has hit the 200 page mark! They also have six issues and one graphic nove in print for anyone who likes their comics on paper in full color!

Stick Figure Comics by lidless_i has reached 300 pages!

Th_Mole's The One Panel Case Files has reached 300 “without any gaps, stumbling, or hiatus”! Now that's an achievement. :) However I'm to warn any readers that he will be dropping continuity here on out in favor of a traditional one-panel format, because he has found that “continuity and single-panel strips don't mix.” Hopefully that didn't scare you off, because “The series is a parody of macabre and noir, and is about a haunted bohemian heiress, a psychic mystic con-artist, a supposedly good mad genius, and a hard-boiled teddy bear.”

See you later this week!



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