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skoolmunkee's rules for success

skoolmunkee at 11:32AM, Nov. 16, 2008

skoolmunkee's rules for success

1. Get out of the house

Morning Squirtz by slimredninja &co. is getting an “artist spotlight” from Hustler Humor in their next issue, featuring 4 of their comics! Keep an eye out for that! (If you're old enough to buy it- or at least look old enough to be able to stand around the magazine rack reading it without looking suspicious.)

House of the Muses's Pam Harrison will be getting a profile on's Life & Style section, featuring her and her graphic novel miniseries! It may not be up just yet- but keep an eye out!

2. Promote yourself

Also from House of the Muses is a giveaway!

Check out the House of the Muses miniseries, write a review and win! I have 10 autographed copies of House of the Muses #2 available in a limited time promo offer.

The first 10 folks to drop by my profile and check out my stories presently online will be eligible! Read the first three issues of House of the Muses, then drop by here to give your review!

3. Do something productive

Kaylove's Art School Sub Rosa just turned 25 pages! Congrats!

Deadfingers by Peipei hit 50 over the weekend!

Lacerated Veil by Drasnus has reached 75 strips!

thip's Purgatory has NOT reached page 200 (it has reached page 201)!

Life and (Maybe) Death of Ed by Eduds has reached 225 strips “and… and… hm… SEE YOU LATER, WALLY GATOR!”

4. Success!

In a while, Charlie Dile!



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