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Secret Santa, milestones, XcapeCON, and more! (Actually... no, that's it this time)

skoolmunkee at 11:10AM, Nov. 19, 2008

Drunk Duck Secret Santa Signups - Hurry up because signups close on December 1st! This year is gonna be big!

XcapeCON is happening this coming weekend in Flint, Michigan! It will have all the good ol' con stuff, events, lots of guests, publishers, and dealers. Sounds like a big event! If you're in the area (or even if you're not), consider stopping by! Runs Saturday and Sunday, check their site for full details.

ghostrunner's Grin-n-Spirit reached 350 pages today! Woo!

BIOLOGICAL INDESTRUCTIBLE TACTICAL COMBAT HYBRID SQUAD ®will be posting page 100 sometime monday morning.
The page features Me the artist or more accuratly an alien pretending to be me.

I'm currently ranked 11 and hoping to break into the top 10 some day soon.

I want to thank all my regulars and everyone else for the positive response to the book.

Big 250 for Richard-Michael Manuel's Cuttley Bear, this WEEKEND

Still in its first “season” Cuttles is still learning to be a complete ass, while Richard-Michael is still learning how to draw….unfortunately, it's weird to draw solely in the computer.


“TV Therapy” is perhaps the most lauded, by his loyal fan base of 6 people, one is imaginary and one is his mother who yells obscenities while he cries.

This is Richie's first attempt at self promotion. “Don't humor that jack-ass,” says his mom. His invisible friend gets a few tissues.



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