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News so good you want to gobble it up (or maybe just makes you sleepy?)

skoolmunkee at 10:38AM, Nov. 27, 2008

I'm bad at Thanksgiving jokes.

Community stuff first!

Drunk Duck Secret Santa Signups end on the 1st- so this is your last chance to participate in this great yearly art exchange!

As of Thanksgiving Day (that's today), there are only 3 days left to vote in the 2008/2009 Presidential Mock Election! Remember, you can vote for ANYONE! Ozoneocean's stapler, Chuck Norris, Hillary Clinton… “but why would you vote for Hillary?”

The community project Heroes Unite (run by Nepath and Abt_Nihil) has reached 100 pages! Yay!


The House of the Muses interview is now up and running on!


Product Placement's Oh Gawd has reached 25 pages! OR 24, or 28, depending on how you count. But 25 is in there, so it counts!

Sunset Grill by katfeete hit 50 strips on Wednesday! And “as an early milestone present, it was one of the comics to get a mention in this Monday's Girl Genius. To say that made my day was an understatement.” Congrats on both counts!

Whirlwynd's The Many Misfortunes of Lady Luck has made 100 pages!

Arctic Blast by Brogan recently passed the 150 page mark- and if that wasn't enough, he has totally redesigned the look of the comic as well. “New look characters, new color scheme, new font- you name it!”

Also turning 150 pages old is Karen the Marilith by Azaeziel. On Thanksgiving day no less- a turkey dies, a comic lives… it's the circle of life.

Warpedwenger's Wakon Yosai has hit 250 pages!

Used Books by usedbooks reached 650 pages today! I was going to say “That's one big turkey!” But then I thought that might mean I was saying the comic is bad. It is not! Go read it. (What did I say about being bad at Thanksgiving day jokes?)



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