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It's the 75 page Milestone day today! ^_^

Ozoneocean at 3:31AM, Oct. 11, 2008


-Remember Skool is away on holiday till the 24th so news goes to SpANG and Ozoneocean ;)

First up we have Bravo1102 with Go a Viking. Go there and see an amazing comic made with photos of posable, exquisitely dressed dolls.
Oh and Bravo needs help with layout (probably HTML) if you can spare it :)

Then, Bittenbymonk. The Uncanny Uper Dave has reached 175 pages! That's still a 75, sort off. Have a look if you love comedy an a blue BG that will melt your brain.

Nepath's Heroes Unite not only made it to 75 pages, it also just now broke into the top 100 DD stories! It's actually a collaboration project with many hero themed comics taking part, among them: -Omega Justice, Shades, Bombshell, Beneficially Challenged, and Raising Hell.


-See last news to learn about the bug progress.
-Whoops, Spang and I forgot to do a feature this Thursday. Doh! >.<
So we'll probably just wait until next week to do it when it'll get more views.



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