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Tuesday is the day. The day for... More milestones!

Ozoneocean at 10:38PM, Oct. 13, 2008


-Remember Skool is away on holiday till the 24th so news goes to SpANG and Ozoneocean ;)

Kyupol's dramatic MAG-ISA is up to its 175th page! A great achievement seeing how he's produced so many pages of so many other comics as well.

JustNoPoint's huge fab colour comic The Devon Legacy will be reaching an astounding 250 pages on Wednesday! He suggests that everyone should read the whole thing like 250 times to celebrate! I'm on my 136th time already and going strong…

Legacyhero's exciting hero comic Hero Force hit 75 pages this week!. That's a popular number these days ;)

Hyperactive says that next week Hyperactive Comics starts it's third year of publishing on Drunk Duck! And it has more superheros and great humour! Catch it!

Chris chris's sexy Monkey Pot reaches page 150 today! And there's a lot of excitement in the air!

Stickman and Cube has somehow managed to hit 200 pages! You'd think he'd have run out of cube jokes at around fifty…



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