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One more bug FIXED... and an Everest of massive mountainous milestones!

Ozoneocean at 5:16AM, Oct. 17, 2008

Fist up, some news on fixed bugs.
Yep, that's right; fixed.
after the server move in mid September some newer comic accounts went screwy. Well there's nothing we could do about comic accounts created on the weekend before the server move (around the 19th I think), those two days, including my Pirate Day invasion, were wiped from the face of the universe. D:

That's not news though, it's a known known, as that tit Rumsfeld would say. What's news is that if you are having trouble updating the HTML template for your comic or loading new pages, simply delete the pages and re-upload them and they should work, re-set your HTML templates to the default one and then re-edit it with your custom one and you should be fine! If not, PQ me and we'll get you sorted! :)
eventually… -_-

Now… !!!Milestones!!!

-Remember Skool is away on holiday till the 24th so news goes to SpANG and Ozoneocean ;)

Sapphaholic says that Hatpire will finally hit the BIG five oh on the 20th! So visit and celebrate! That hat fella is just so… iconic. It just screams “animation series!!”

And… We forgot to post that HiNaTa_fan_13's Hall of Randomness was a year old on Thursday! A whole year! That's a decent commitment to entertaining the web with chibis. ^_^

Froobius's EZTA BOOK 2 has just got to 50 pages as well! And hummana hummana that's hot stuff right there… Certainly not work for young eyes, but a treat for the rest of us :)
-!!Warning!! Not for young viewers or those easily offended-

Tyrapendragon tells us that Fusion 21 has just now finished. For those that don't know (which includes me actually), Fusion is some kind of massive joint DD project where DD people work with one another and collaborate to create comic story thingos. Pretty neat :)

a_star's Project Kokiro has reached a titanic 250 pages. And man that's cute work with the neatest little template ^^

Coveinant's Coveinant Journey has reached 200 pages! Woot! Pwn! Mega… man. And he put my banner up so you better go and have a look and show him some love. Good love, not bad love.

Phinmagic's Phineus Magician for Hire has reached… five HUNDRED pages. That's awe inspiring. And so is his work. Try getting through that, it'd be worth it. ;)

Mattchee's Mastorism has got to Fifty! It's good black and white stuff!

Reboundcomic's REBOUND has achieved a massive 200, not including filler and the rest. He has guest art to celebrate! His work has such distinctive eyes.

Albone's Rival Angels with its sexy wrestling divas has got to 125 pages!

Thefightingstranger's Lucky Dawg Has reached the big 50. And wow that one's another funky cool coloured surprise!


Here endeth the news.



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