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SpANG at 6:52AM, Oct. 20, 2008

Hey everybody! Here's some brand new news for ya.


dgriff13 tells us that Zorphbert and Fred is having another “Put Words in Their Mouth” contest! Write the dialogue, win a comic cameo! This one has a POLITICAL THEME! How timely!


drdoobious tells us that Vita Di Vetro has hit 125 pages! Great job!

omegasonic0 let us know that on Sunday, The Mighty Omega reached it's 50th page.

…And it's a HUGE page. Like, REALLY big. Easily the biggest page, or anything, I've ever made.

HiNaTa_fan_13 says that Hall of Randomness reaches 75 pages on Wednesday and Thirteen Under Seven the Manga will be 25 pages old on Friday! Nice!

bongotezz says that his comic Avast Ye has turned 50 pages old! Congrats!

-Remember Skool is away on holiday till the 24th so news goes to Ozoneocean and SpANG ;)



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