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DD Mafia, Milestones, and a bunch of stuff from Villain Next Door!

skoolmunkee at 12:41AM, April 16, 2009

The Drunk Duck Mafia Comic has hit 100 pages! The Mafia game is really fun, and being in the comic (which Niccea and others so generously do) is an extra bonus to playing! It's fun to read the comic and re-live the game, each one ends up being a unique story and they all feature fellow DDers. Give those contributors and Niccea a hand!

Two Weeks Notice bu Hakoshen reached 50 pages this week!

Ashiveira's Asim Stone has reached 50 pages!

Hi! This is Al from MINDMISTRESS, and the drunkduck comic, THE CROSSOVERLORD—its story started on April 15th (Tax Day) 2008, so it's now oficially one year old today. THE CROSSOVERLORD combines the main characters from six seperate webcomics (and guest shots galore) in a semi-CRISIS like storyline, except we're having FUN with it.

A few announcements from Roy Duncan: The Villain Next Door
has reached 175 Pages and is celebrating the One Year Anniversary on Drunk Duck! Also,
The campaign to kill off the top 10 comics featured on Drunk Duck is still going on with only 4 deaths to go, Charby The Vampire, The 600, Obscene Cuisine, Life and Death and the continuation of the fall of the character Cru The Dwarf.

The intention of this campaign was to cross over readers from other comics while introducing a twisted way to promote other comics on Drunk Duck and the result is far better than anyone expected. A special thanks to all the artists that has contributed to this cause without taking offence for the use of their characters in a most bloody and bizarre way (LOL)

Also because of the strong community ties on Drunk Duck Roy Duncan and Robert Shelley of the comic Pawz To Clawz, spawned a podcast based on the comic The Villain Next Door called The Villains Corner on the TALKSHOE Network, where we interview Drunk Duck artists and other comic artists from around the web that have 75 or more pages and update regularly,so that they might promote their comics and so that their readers can get an insight into who they are and what they do.The show is up to 10 interviews this can be found at also a special thanks to the administrators of Drunk Duck for helping us along the way and Platinum Studios for allowing us to host our comic.
What are you thanking us for? Sounds like you're the one doing all the work!



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